All About Good Luck Charms

Sometimes we could all use a little bit of luck in our lives. Whether we are interviewing for a new job, looking to get a bonus at a current job, proposing to a significant other, or watching the television as a person is reading off this week’s lottery numbers, feeling lucky is always a good thing. What’s a good way to feel lucky? Get yourself some lucky charms (and no, not the cereal, though it is yummy)on There are numerous symbols associated with bringing luck to those who wear them. While some people have their own personal charm with individual meaning, here are some common lucky symbols you may want to have with you.


The hamsa is an ancient Middle Eastern talisman that symbolizes the hand of God. Within all faiths who use the symbol, it a protective symbol, bringing the wearer health, luck, happiness, as well as good fortune. According to Judaism, also known as the Hand of Miriam, it symbolizes the hand of God. It also symbolizes in Judaism the number five, which can be connected to the fifth letter of the alphabet, Heh, which represents one of God’s holy names.

Evil Eye

Historically, the evil eye can be found in numerous cultures, including ancient Roman, Anatolian (today Turkish), and Egyptian culture. It can also be found in Buddhist, Islamic, and Hindu traditions. It is a talisman protecting the wearer from the evil eye, which carries various forms of misfortune, ill-will, and malevolence. The evil eye is also said to grant the wearer with wealth, happiness, and success.


Horseshoes are a common good luck charm. Many people hang them over the entrance of their home because they are said to ward off strangers and hold onto luck for those living in the residence. They are also lucky because they were made by blacksmiths, who were said to be lucky themselves. This is because they worked with iron and fire, which many believed to hold magical powers.



The circle is quite possibly one of the oldest luck symbols around. Said to bring about good fortune, the circle represents eternity as there is no end or beginning to it. It signifies wholeness, perfection, and completion.



It was once said that chickens were able to predict the future. When the animals were killed, the wishbone was saved and put out into the sun to dry. Once finished, a person was supposed to find someone else and each grabs an end and pulls on it. When it snaps, the person with the bigger end is able to make a secret wish.



For those who are lucky enough to see a shooting star across the sky, it can bring a little extra luck. Those who witness it are able to make a secret wish to come true.


While the cross is the primary symbol of Christianity, it is also considered to be a very lucky symbol, especially in ancient cultures. For instance, the upright part represents the direction of heaven and the crosspiece represents earthly influences. In other cultures it represents a ladder in which to reach God. For pagan religions, the cross symbolizes the tree of life.


A single key is another very old symbol. When given between significant others, it represents unlocking one’s heart to another and the person giving it is said to be lucky in love. Ancient Romans and Greeks believed it represented remembering things for the past and foresight into the future. For the Japanese, three keys that are tied together unlock the doors of wealth, health, and love for the wearer.

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